LOHN Candle - Sand Copal & Palo Santo

Smells like sun-soaked shorelines. Tart petitgrain, herbaceous sage, salty cedar and piney palo santo, with a hint of copal’s resin and sandalwood’s richness. Warm & woodsy. Hand poured in our toronto studio. 7.5 oz, 50-hour burn. Scent notes: - Top notes: petitgrain & sage - Middle notes: driftwood & palo santo - Base notes: copal & sandalwood Made with: - Layered, phthalate-free scent with strong throw - Sustainable coconut and soy wax for clean, slow burn - Minimal glass vessel that is food grade, reusable and recyclable - Non-toxic, lead-free cotton wick - Vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free ingredients

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