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Rejuvenating Botanical Oil for intimate skin

Dealing with dry, sensitive, or hormonal skin?
This ultra soothing Omega-rich blend seals in hydration to help prevent skin dryness and irritation from shaving, working out, and hormonal changes that impact vulvar skin integrity from periods to menopause. Specifically developed for your most sensitive skin, it can be applied to the vulvar area (external genitalia) including labia minora and labia majora without disturbing pH balance, as well as other compromised places like the face, neck or hands.

• Dry, sensitive, and reactive skin
• Friction, chafing, itchiness, and sunburns
• Ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and blemishes

What else?
•Pampers skin post-pregnancy and post hair removal
•Nourishes dry, sensitized skin from grooming, perimenopause and menopause, endocrine imbalances, or from birth control and medications
•Dermatologist-tested and approved

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